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Leg Veins
You can have beautiful legs

leg veins photoWant to look great in shorts and skirts once again?
Have beautiful looking legs by getting rid of unsightly leg veins.

What causes leg veins?
Pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, and heredity are the primary causes of spider and varicose leg veins. As we age, the appearance of the veins becomes more pronounced.

What are the most common ways to get rid of leg veins? 
Depending on the type of veins you have, treatments range from simple injections to laser and surgical procedures. Patient Preferred Dermatology offers non-surgical treatment of leg veins using laser and injection sclerotherapy. The most common and effective treatment of leg veins is sclerotherapy. This procedure was developed over 75 years ago and involves injection of a sclerosing agent in the vein. The sclerosing agent causes irritation in the vein and causes it to shrink and disappear. The procedure is safe, effective and is still the gold standard of treatment today.

When treating veins by laser, the laser light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the blood vessel. The vein is destroyed without damaging the surrounding skin. The body reabsorbs the treated blood vessels during the natural healing process. Laser treatments work best on the veins of the face and spider veins in the legs.

Will I need more than one treatment?
Most likely you will need multiple treatments over several months for the best results.  It is difficult to get all the veins in one treatment. Most patients get treated by area or by vein size.

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Leg Vein Treatment Results