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Neck Rejuvenation / Turkey Neck

What is turkey neck? 
Turkey neck is a condition where the skin hangs loosely under the chin similar to that of a turkey.

What causes turkey neck? 
Age is the most common cause. As we age, the skin on the neck thickens, sags, may develop more fat and the muscles begin to separate.

How can it be treated?  
Let’s break this down a bit by problem.

  • Excess fat - this is effectively treated with neck and chin liposuction. 

  • Loose skin - this is effectively treated with Thermage or E-Matrix radiofrequency. The use of skin tighten creams can help lift the area after the treatment.

  • Too much skin or platysmal (neck) bands - this responds best to surgery. However a non-surgical approach would include Botox Cosmetic to help soften the band that runs from the chin to the collarbone.

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